Mediation & Dispute Resolution 

                          Solving workplace disputes through Mediation                            


ADR Mediation offers a range of Dispute Resolution and Coaching Services to support workplaces and individuals in managing difficult or sensitive conversations and disputes. 

Mediation is often used as a way to resolve issues in a confidential manner within a fast time frame.

Mediation can save money by avoiding paying expensive legal fees.  It can assist in a timely resolution and be highly effective in avoiding further escalation of issues which can lead to psychological injury or lengthy legal negotiations.

The Mediator                                                                         

Acts as an independent and impartial third party to collaboratively and confidentially work

to a solution and achieve a positive outcome by working through a structured process.

Types of disputes for mediation                                           

  •   interpersonal conflict

  •   employment/contract disputes

  •   grievances

  •   conduct and communication matters

  •   payment disputes




ADR Mediation provide Mediation Services along with other forms of dispute resolution and complaint handling specialising in workplace matters.

ADR Mediation was established by Jane McKillop who is a Nationally Accredited Mediator with an extensive background in workplace matters.

Jane will support throughout the mediation process and provides a structured and safe environment to assist with effective discussions.  

Jane's qualifications include:

  • Nationally Accredited Mediator - NMAS

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Psych/Nutr.)

  • Advanced Diploma of Finance

  • Associate Diploma of Business

  • Certificate in Training & Facilitation

Professional Memberships

  • Certified Personal Injury Professional (Practitioner)

  • Professional Membership, Resolution Institute

  Workplace Disputes

Mediation is an often overlooked early intervention strategy that can be utilised to resolve issues or conflict before they escalate.

Consider interpersonal conflict, it is reported that interpersonal conflict is one of the leading causes of workplace stress.  Early intervention can play a large part to avoid a costly psychological workplace injury,  formal complaint or grievance and negative impact to culture and productivity.



To arrange a confidential and free Initial Call to discuss whether mediation can assist your situation please click here  

Or contact Jane on:

T:  03 5255 3337

M: 0432 186 644





"You guided through with quiet, effective confidence enabling the mediation to come to an outcome which was satisfactory to all"

"Your pace, tone and manner are all wonderful for this work."